The story behind Staffish:

At Staffish, we do things differently.  Very differently! 

When conventional recruiters were following the same traditional approach, we were already delivering fully virtual talent placement services. 

We’ve spent years pioneering, mastering and practicing the most effective methods and systems to match the perfect candidates with our clients, across Australia, without the heavy cost overheads most of our competitors carry.  Much lower costs to us, means MUCH lower costs to you.  And all without compromising on the quality of our service.  In fact, we GUARANTEE it! 


In today’s new remote work environment, many in the industry are struggling to adapt from the old school style of recruitment.  This is where we shine. 


But it’s not just our fees and model that’s different.  Our passion for all things recruitment and people resourcing happened in reverse to most traditional recruiters.  We started in business - in HR, leadership, IT, operations, sales and marketing, customer service and call centres.  From corporate offices to warehouses, retail to hospitality, start-ups to Top 50, medical practice to agri-business, and pretty much everything in between.  We’ve been on the other side of the recruitment desk and we know what it takes to be a high performer, and build high performing teams, because we’ve done it ourselves.  We'd love to help you build your dream team!     

What’s Important to Us:

Money ISN’T everything.  Sure, we need to make money, but we actually love helping people, especially small businesses.  So we offer the LOWEST recruitment fees in the market…because we don’t believe in charging crazy fees, just because others do.


One size DOESN’T fit all!  Because most people don’t work 9am-5pm Mon to Fri - neither do we.  We work with our clients and candidates to fit in with them, not the other way ‘round. We also know amazing candidates don’t always fit the same mould.  So we take the time to review all applicants - from the perfect business application to the outright quirky - to make sure we find you your next bright talent and that elusive ‘unicorn’ employee.


Everyone matters.  Candidates are not just a potential future employee.  They could be your business’s next customer and whether they get the job or not, their recruitment experience can make them one of your greatest brand ambassadors.  We believe in a recruitment experience that’s respectful, supportive, inclusive and confidence building for our clients AND candidates.

We give back.  10% of all our profits are donated to important causes we're passionate about.  We support Our Haven Wildlife Shelter in Gippsland and Pets of the Homeless.  Your support helps us to help those who really need it.      


Respect our planet.  We don’t think you need to travel, drive lots, take up expensive office space or meet every candidate face to face to deliver exceptional service.  Our remote recruitment process means we not only help save the environment, we also save your hard earned money!   Oh, and as much as possible we’re also a paperless office.    


We value diversity.  We have passion and muscle for diversity, not only social and ethnic, but diversity in thinking and approach.  And we’re committed to supporting exceptionally talented candidates who have long been ignored by mainstream recruiters.


Who IS Staffish:

Tova B&W smoothed.jpg

Tova Wilshansky

Tova is an accomplished business all-rounder, well known for her refreshing approach to talent sourcing, recruitment, leadership, business consulting, and customer satisfaction, blending the unorthodox, innovative and intuitive with traditional and proven methodologies and practices. 

From humble beginnings in retail, hospitality and call centres, culminating in over 20 years in senior leadership roles spanning telco and energy, finance and IT, training and HR, motor and wine industries, professional practice and real estate, Tova is passionate about people and truly making a difference. 


Having been a client of traditional recruitment companies throughout her career, Tova launched Staffish People Solutions in 2003 to fill the void with a recruitment service that cares more about the client and candidate than profit margins.  Ask what drives her, and she’ll tell you it’s hearing from candidates she “took a chance on” now in successful careers, clients who put their trust in her to help their business flourish, and giving back through charity work.