Frequently Asked Questions :

Q. How are you able to offer such low cost rates? 

A. So glad you asked! Firstly, we don't carry heavy overheads like expensive offices, big expense accounts or big salaries. We also have a ton of transferable skills across our team (remember, we've spent decades in all different roles and companies ourselves).  So we run lean and manage most of our business needs in house. For example, we have an IT expert who not only recruits top IT candidates, but manages our IT and telephony. Another of our team builds and designs websites (give them a clap for this one!).  And then, we simply don't believe in price gouging just because others do - it's not in our DNA.  Click here for our pricing. 

Q. I'm interested - what happens next?

A. Firstly, give us a call to chat about your needs and our process.  Then we take your Job Brief, and cover everything we need to get started on your placement ASAP.  We arrange payment of our engagement fee of $375 (which is deducted from the total placement fee of $1,975), and kick off your campaign.  Recruitment campaigns run for 28 days from receipt of engagement fee. We keep you updated at minimum, twice a week on progress of your campaign, via your preferred medium (phone, email, sms, chat...). Most campaigns are placed within the 28 day campaign duration. 

Q. What if my vacancy isn't placed in 28 days?

A. We will be in regular contact with you to this point so we will have already agreed on the best next steps if a campaign is proving hard to place.  We offer a Campaign Extension option at $375, which covers re-advertising your position and securing the campaign continuance for a further 28 days.  But we'll be working with you all through the campaign, and we have experience in hard to place roles and tough candidate markets.  

Q. What if I need more than 1 person for the same type of role - do I pay the $1,975 for each placement?

A. Another great question, and another great opportunity to demonstrate how fair, and low cost, we really are!  If you need more than 1 hire for the same job title, we offer Bulk Recruitment Packs, that give you a discount on our already lowest cost rates.  In fact, our Bulk Recruitment Packs are a fantastic option if you know you'll be recruiting several roles in a 12 month period, as they give you the flexibility to use across different roles in that 12 months.

Q. What happens if my new recruit leaves, or if I need to terminate their employment with us?

A. Our peace of mind guarantee means we will replace a candidate who leaves for any reason within 3 months of commencing with you, free of charge! Click here for our Replacement Guarantee.

Q. How do you do it differently from others?

A. We have been recruiting quality candidates for years now, using a combination of modes including phone, video, chat and group interviews for some bulk recruitment.  We can also help YOU take back control of your recruitment process, by conducting interviews alongside your team to upskill them for the future.  We also don't rely on resume keyword systems, which automatically ignore resumes that don't all say the same thing.  Why do we do that?  Because some of our best candidates didn't fit the cookie cutter resume model, and if we just relied on technology to make our jobs easier, our clients would miss out on some of the BEST talent out there! PLUS - 10% of ALL our profits (before salaries are paid!) go to charities that help save lives and improve the quality of life for those less fortunate than us.  Click here to see who you will help support when you come on board.